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Forbidden City, Beijing







China Classical Tours

China in 8 days
Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
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This tour is designed for busy people who have not much time to spare and want to make every moment count. By visiting the three major destinations in China today, you'll gain an appreciation of the country's remarkable modernizations.

Picture yourself on the Great Wall of China
China in 9 days
Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
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This tour adds a third day in dynamic Shanghai, providing more opportunity to shop or explore nearby historic water towns. There'd be time also for a day trip to Suzhou, famous for its World Heritage gardens and canals, and to take in the 2010 World Exposition

Temple of Heaven, Beijing
Land of Confucius 15 days/13 nights
Beijing, Xian, Tai'an, Qufu, Jinan, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai
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This tour ventures into the heart of old China, the historic area that was home to Confucius and Mencius, China's two greatest sages. You'll ascend sacred Mount Tai, ride on enchanting West Lake, visit a tea farm, and be dazzled by the bustle of modern Shanghai and Beijing.

Grand Canal still functions today after 1500 years of use
Historic China 15 days/13 nights
Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Shaolin, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai
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This tour focuses on China's history. Besides the modern capital of Beijing, it takes you to three ancient capitals: Xian, Luoyang and Hangzhou. Included are visits to famed Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Chinese martial arts.

Historic, 2500-year-old Confucian Forest, Qufu
Picturesque China 16 days/14 nights
Beijing, Xian, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, Hong Kong
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This tour juxtaposes old China with new, urban China with countryside. Packed with World Heritage sites, the tour features two days in China's most celebrated beauty spot: Guilin. The trip winds up in the city of lights, Hong Kong.

Jade Bridge at Summer Palace, Beijing
Ancient China 19 days/17 nights
Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shaolin, Luoyang, Xian, Taiyuan, Pingyao, Tai'an, Qufu, Jinan, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai
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This new tour covers the routes of Land of Confucius and Historic China tours, adding a visit to ancient Pingyao, where the ambience hasn't changed much from centuries ago when Pingyao was a banking hub of China.

Longmen Grottoes, Luoyang CNTO Photo
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