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Magical, mystical Mrauk U


Burma Extended Tour 18 days/16 nights
Duration 18 days (full package)
17 days (land only)
Places Visited: Yangon, Began, Mt Popa, Mandalay, Heho, Inle Lake, Keng Tung, Sittwe, Mrauk U
UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Tentative List) Bagan Archaeological Area, Wooden monasteries in Mandalay, Ancient cities around Mandalay, Inle Lake, Myauk-U Archaeological Area and Monuments
Max Group Size: 16
(Individual tours or small groups under 10 people)
Any time
(subject to availability)
(group tours with 10 or more participants)
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Route map, Burma Extended Tour

Ship me somewheres east of Suez, where the best is like the worst,
Where there aren't no Ten Commandments an' a man can raise a thirst;
For the temple-bells are callin', an' it's there that I would be --
By the old Moulmein Pagoda, looking lazy at the sea

Rudyard Kipling Road to Mandalay

Visit gold-sheathed Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar's holiest shrine
• Tour Bagan, an ancient capital where thousands of derelict shrines and temples are arrayed across a vast empty landscape
• Discovery a Mandalay that Rudyard Kipling could only dream of ever seeing
• Ride a long boat powered by one of Inle Lake's famous leg-rowers
• Visit Cat-Jump Monastery
• Meet intriguing ethnic minority nationalities with colorful customs and fascinating traditions and beliefs
• Discover a land where time takes on a different meaning and people march to a very different drummer

• Enter into the heart of the Shan State, whose many ethnic groups live out lives not that much changed from hundreds of years ago.
• Travel to Rakhine, the "land of the ogres" on the Bay of Bengal bordering Bangladesh
• Take a charter boat trip on the Kaladan River to ancient, historic Mrauk O




Days 1-2
Upon arrival at Yangon International Airport you'll be met and taken to your hotel. Rest of day at leisure to rest up from long flight.

Overnight at Traders Hotel

Sightseeing in Yangon
Yangon lies in the fertile delta of southern Myanmar, on the wide Yangon River. The city is filled with tree-shaded boulevards, while shimmering stupas float above the treetops. The city became the capital only in 1885, when the British completed the conquest of Upper Myanmar and Mandalay's brief period as capital of the last Burmese kingdom ended.
Start the day at the SULE PAGODA, a gleaming octagonal pagoda that stands squarely at the centerpoint of the city. Afterwards, visit the NATIONAL MUSEUM to gain an insight into Myanmar. See the eight meter high Sihasana Lion Throne, used by the last Burmese king, and other fascinating artifacts from Burmese history and culture.  Enjoy a break at BOGYOKE (SCOTT) MARKET, a pleasant covered market containing crafts from all corners of Myanmar, gems, fabrics and more. (The market is closed on Mondays and public holidays).
In the afternoon, visit some of the more well known pagodas, including BOTATAUNG PAGODA, named after the 1000 military leaders who escorted relics of the Buddha from Inda over 2000 years ago, and NGADATKYI PAYA, with a giant seated Buddha image. Finally, continue to the SHWEDAGON PAGODA, the highlight of any visit to Yangon. Towering over the city, this pagoda is the most sacred spot in the country, built to house eight hair relics of the Buddha. The Shwedagon and surrounding shrines are at their most beautiful during the sunset hour, as the golden stupa reflects the changing colors of twilight.
Tonight dine at Karaweik Hall, a floating restaurant on Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake. One of the landmarks of Yangon, the structure is shaped like a mythical creature. Constructed in 1972, it was gilded with gold about 20 years ago.

Overnight at Traders Hotel B L D

Transfer - Flight from Yangon to Bagan. - Transfer - Sightseeing in Bagan
Bagan is a spectacular plain stretching away from the Ayeyarwaddy River, dotted with thousands of 800-year old temple ruins. Although human habitation at Bagan dates back almost to the beginning of the Christian era, Bagan only entered its golden period with the conquest of Thaton in 1057 AD.
SHWEZIGON PAYA: King Anawrahta started the construction of the Schwezigon Pagoda to enshrine some relicts of Buddha. The construction was finished by his successor, King Kyansittha between 1086 and1090. Originally the Shwezigon Pagoda marked the northern end of the city of Bagan. The stupa's graceful bell shape became a prototype for virtually all later stupas over Myanmar.
GUBYAUKHYI  TEMPLE at Wetkyi-Inn: This Temple was built in the early 13th Century and repaired in 1468. The great colorful painting about the previous life of Buddha and the distinguished architecture make this temple an interesting site for a visit. This temple is not to be confounded with the Gubyaukgyi Temple in Myinkabe.
ANANDA PAHTO: one of the finest, largest, best preserved and most revered of the Bagan temples. Thought to have been built around 1105 by King Kyanzittha, this perfectly proportioned temple heralds the stylistic end of the Early Bagan period and the beginning of the Middle period.
GUBYAUKGYI TEMPLE at Myinkaba: Built in 1113 by Kyanzittha son Rajakumar, this temple is famous for its well-preserved Stuccos from the 12th century on the outside walls.  The magnificent paintings date from the original construction of the temple and are considered to be the oldest original paintings in Bagan.
MANUHA TEMPLE:  The Manuha Temple was built in 1059 by King Manuha, the King of Thaton, who was brought captive to Bagan by King Anawrahta. It enshrines the unusual combination of 3 seated and one reclining image Buddha. It is said that this temple was built by Manuha to express his displeasure about his captivity in Bagan.
SHWESANDAW PAYA:  In 1057 King Anawrahta built this Pagoda following his conquest of Thaton. This is the first monument in Bagan, which features stairways leading up from the square bottom terraces to the round base of the Stupa. This Pagoda is ideal to watch Bagan's magnificent sunsets.
MYINKABA: this tiny village, only two kilometers from Bagan, is known for producing the finest lacquerware in Myanmar.  Stop by one of the workshops and learn about the painstaking process of lacquerware making and decoration.
Enjoy a panoramic view of the sun setting over the plain of Bagan from one of the pagoda platforms.
Dinner tonight at Nanda Restaurant, featuring a puppet show.

Overnight at Myanmar Treasure Resort B L D

Excursion to Mount Popa
MOUNT POPA:  A curiously cylindrical hill rising sharply from the surrounding plain, Mount Popa is considered to be the home of Myanmar's most important nats (spirits). Visitors ascend up a winding covered staircase encircling the mountain, observed by the curious monkeys that populate the area. At the top is a monastery and temple complex, with shrines to the 37 nats and a spectacular view over the region.

Afternoon at leisure. Tonight, dine on your own.

Overnight at Myanmar Treasure Resort B L

Fly to Mandalay.

Overnight at Sedona Hotel B L

Excursion to Monywa
MONYWA: situated on the eastern bank of the Chindwin River, Monywa is now the second biggest town in Upper Myanmar and serves as a major trade center for agricultural produce from the surrounding Chindwin Valley, especially beans, pulses and palm sugar.
THANBODDHAY PAYA:  Every spare surface of this temple, inside and out, is covered with thousands of miniature Buddha images (almost 600,000 altogether); the cumulative effect is spectacularly colorful.
SHWE GU NI PAYA: Shwe Gu Ni Paya is one of the most important pilgrimage site in Myanmar, due to its main zedi, which reportedly has the ability to grant wishes.
RECLINING BUDDHA: Perched atop a hill, with spectacular views across the plain, this giant reclining Buddha is one of the largest in the country.
BODDHI TATAUNG: A grove of banyan trees with a Buddha image at the base of each one.

Overnight at Sedona Hotel B L D

Excursion to Amarapura, Sagaing, and Inwa (Ava)
This day's tour visits three former royal capitals, each with its own unique atmosphere.  In the morning, drive to AMARAPURA, and visit MAHAGANDAYON MONASTERY; every day at mid-morning, monks and novices line up to receive their daily offering of alms and food from faithful Buddhists. Next, head to SAGAING, the spiritual center of Myanmar. Hundreds of stupas, monasteries, temples and nunneries are to be found in Sagaing Hill, sometimes known as a living Bagan. Thousands of monks and nuns retreat here for meditation and contemplation. Stop at some of the most famous temples, such as TUPAYON PAYA and HSINMYASHIN PAYA (the Pagoda of Many Elephants).
Cross the river by ferry to INWA, situated on the banks of the Irrawaddy River. Once a royal capital, Inwa is now a quiet rural oasis. Enjoy a leisurely HORSECART RIDE around the peaceful countryside, briefly visiting BAGAYA KYAUNG, a beautiful teak wood monastery, MAHA AUNGME BOZAN KYANG, and NAN MYINT TOWER. On the way, stop and observe how local artisans make the famous alms bowls out of iron.  Finally, return to AMARAPURA, to end the day at U BEIN’S BRIDGE, a picturesque teak bridge which extends over one kilometer across Taungthaman Lake.  At dusk, the bridge teems with monks and local people as they stroll home or linger to enjoy the colors of the sunset.

Overnight at Sedona Hotel B L D

Fly to Heho and travel by coach Inle Lake; then by boat to hotel.

Overnight at Inle Lake View Resort B L D

Excursion by boat on Inle Lake to Indein, Sae Ma Village and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda
Travel by boat to the western shore of the lake to a stairway leading to the hidden INDEIN temple complex. Located on the shore of the lake, this site consists of hundreds of small stupas overgrown by moss and greens. Continue on foot past rice fields to the village of Sae Ma, stopping to explore the village and the local school. Continue by canoe down a narrow creek or by boat on the main stream to the Paung Daw Oo Pagoda and continue to the weaving village of Tha Lay. In the afternoon meet the people in the villages on the lake and travel to one of the monasteries to observe the monastic activities. Return by boat to hotel.

Overnight at Inle Lake View Resort B L D

Transfer by boat and vehicle to Heho and fly to Kengtung in the far eastern corner of Shan State. Kengtung is a sleepy but historic centre for the state's Khun culture, surrounded by Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu villages. It is a very scenic town as it is built around a small lake and is dotted with ageing Buddhist temples and crumbling British colonial architecture.

Sightseeing in Kengtung
WAT JONG KHAM: features a tall gilded zedi topped by a gold hti inlaid with silver, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and jade, and hung with tiny gold bells. Legend says Jong Kham dates to a visit by Gautama Buddha and that the zedi contains six strands of his hair.
WAT PHA JAO LUNG: 19th century temple which gets its Burmese name Maha Myat Muni from a 1920 replica of the Mandalay Maha Myat Muni image.
WATER BUFFALO MARKET: daily on the western outskirts of town. An interesting place to wander and watch the negotiations.
YAN GONE POTTERY VILLAGE: Observe traditional Shan methods of pottery manufacture.

Overnight at New Kyaing Tong Hotel B L D


Travel on scenic roads, passing forests, terraced rice fields and lakes and ascend to Loimwe, the former hill station who's name means "misty mountain". On the way, stop at different villages to explore local village life; the surrounding area is home to the Akha, Panwai, Lahu and Akhu ethnic groups.

Overnight at New Kyaing Tong Hotel B L D

Transfer to the airport for a flight to Yangon. Rest of day at leisure to shop at nearby Scott Market or explore city sites on your own.

Overnight at Traders Hotel B

Fly to Sittwe in western Burma at the mouth of the Kaladan river where it enters the Bay of Bengal.
Sightseeing in Sittwe
MAHAKUTHALA BUDDHA MUSEUM: The most extensive collection of Rakhine-style Buddha images. The museum houses a grand, century-old British colonial mansion north to centre, collections of arts, bronze, notes and antique old coins from the Mrauk U and other ancient periods.
SITTING BUDDHA (THET KYA MUNI PAGODA): One of the highlights of this seaside town is the big sitting Buddha image. This is located in the same area with U Ye Kyaw Thu Monastery.
FISHING PORT: The fishing port is quite interesting in the evening when boats are returning from the fishing.
VIEW POINT: The view point is a lovely recreational spot with panoramic view of sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

Overnight at Sittwe Hotel (Junior Suite) B L D

Start the day with a visit to a local market. Then travel by charter boat up the Kaladan River to the Theinganadi River and then the Henyaka River to Mrauk U.
Sightseeing in Mrauk U
Formerly one of Myanmar's most powerful kingdoms, Mrauk U is today one of the most impressive group of ruins in Southeast Asia.
Spend the afternoon visiting the major temples visiting MRAUK U MUSEUM AND PALACE RUINS, and the complex SHITTAUNG, where over 80,000 Buddha images ornament the terraces and stupas. Continue to the ANDAW THEIN PAYA, a smaller eight-sided monument surrounded by 16 zedis around the southern, northern and western platforms. Afterwards, visit the LAY MYATNAR PAYA before continuing to SHAKAMA THET VILLAGE where many of the older women still wear their distinctive oversized earrings and chat while smoking their traditional pipes. At the end of the day, relax atop DUK KAN THEIN PAYA for views of sunset over the plain.

Overnight at Mrauk Oo Princess Resort (Village House) B L D

Day 16 MRAUK U
Today enjoy an excursion to Chin villages. Chin women are famous for tattooing their faces. Although this practice is dying out among the younger generation, some elderly women still sport elaborate tattoos. According to legend, this tradition started as mothers attempted to disfigure their daughters' beauty, so that they would not be noticed by the King and taken as concubines.

Overnight at Mrauk Oo Princess Resort (Village House) B L D

Return to Sittwe by charter boat, stopping at the town of Ponnagyun (Braham Island) en route. Fly to Yangon. Rest of day at leisure.

Overnight at Traders Hotel B

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.


Traders Hotel (Shangri-la), Yangon
Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan
Sedona Hotel, Mandalay
Inle Lake View Hotel, Inle Lake
Sittwe Hotel, Sittwe
Mrauk Oo Princess Resort, Mrauk U



Kaladan River, Rakhine State
Shwedegan Shrine, Yangon
Akha child, Kengtung, Shan State













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